Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Guerrilla marketing is like the latest word for “marketing commercials” for enterprises. However, we consider that guerrilla marketing is much more than a buzzword because it requires absolute focus on one thing:

Impact as much as possible using the lowest possible resources.

This is our definition of Guerrilla Marketing and it has been popularized by the most popular companies. However, we consider that guerrilla marketing is not just for international companies, it’s for smart marketers and forward-thinking organizations.


Our favourite tactics used on guerrilla marketing strategies for boost its effectivity.


1. Profit 3rd Party Audiences

Tap into audiences of media outlets, other organizations, influencers to create general partnerships to enlarge your audience. If you find a well-established audience that fits your market, you could see a 6-to-1 return on your investment.

2. Leverage 3rd Party Platforms

Sign up for websites, directories, apps, etc. that already have the audience you want to address. It may even be as simple as signing up for local directories (Yelp, segundamano, etc.) finding the perfect niche forum for your project.

3. Target Your Competitor’s Fans

A way to find and connect with potential customers is to engage with the fans of your competitors. That way, you know they will be interested in your brand.

4. Create Content (for potential buyers)

More than 60% of people are more likely to buy from companies delivering custom content which satisfies their concerns because it helps them make their own decisions.

5. Host Contests

For sure, you’ll grow your email lists at lightning speed by collecting entrant contact info. For example, AppSumo was able to get 150,000+ subscribers in 11 months by promoting contests and giveaways.

6. Create Place Specific Content

Offer content specifically related to the place of your website (like a single landing page) because it could increase conversions by 500% or more. This is also known as a “Content Upgrade”.

7. Create a List of Targeted Emails

Even with a small list of the right leads, you can convert sales by email marketing with an appropriate campaign. The bigger your list, the easier it is to get more paying customers.

8. Nurture Your Leads Automatically

Just a few days of writing lead nurturing emails can enable you to sell for years. Companies that automate lead nurturing observe an average of 10% increase in revenue and 451% increase in leads.

9. Build An Exclusive Community

Attract new people and engage customers by curating user-generated content is one of the most powerful strategies on social media. It’s not hard to increase by 50% year-over-year your sales by building your own online community.

10. Personalize The Experience

With contextual experiences, sales can be largely increased because you’re giving your customers exactly what they want (example: 30% of Amazon’s sales come from recommendations).

11. Re-calling Notifications

Do you know than more than 68% of shopping carts are abandoned before a sale is completed? People are so easily distracted in the off-line world. Bring them back using strategies to alert them of their abandoned.

12. Retargeting

Bring visitors back to your website with ads that follow them to other popular sites or social networks. Retargeting ads increase brand searches by up to 1,000% and website visits by 720% after one month.

13. Reward Sharing and Referrals

Giving free bonuses for sharing content or store credit for referring a friend will significantly amplify word of mouth because people are 4X more likely to do something when a friend tells them to.

14. Use Your Data

Analytic tools are crucial for analyzing your marketing channels. So. you can make adjustments to improve your ROI. However, more than 50% of companies find it difficult to attribute marketing directly to revenue results.

15. Do Things That Do NOT Scale

If all else fails, success and growth come from hustling. However, it requires hard work, creativity, planning and good execution. For sure, you can’t just sit in your SEM campaigns waiting for people to buy your product.