Clients can contact us – free of charge – in order to benefit of extensive information upon the existing programs.

Clients benefit of services and products, specially designed to present all the possibilities and offers, only with a click on the website (www.tuateam.com)

Clients benefit of drafting and management procedure upon the necessary documentation, for starting the process of recruitment. Nevertheless, any modification that interferes in the documents made by TUATEAM – once the relation between the Client and Candidate began – would be free of charge.

Clients benefit of consultancy services upon any subject related to the programs of European fellowship (grants) or any other geographical scope.

Regulations concerning paperwork

We will write and operate (where applicable) with the documentation that it is indispensable to the candidate, in order to realize his/her internship in the Client’s Company.

We will be responsible in case that the client needs additional documents from its provenance country. I.e. documents related to the Employment Services or Local Authorities if it’s included in the candidate’s attributions and tasks, to manage and acknowledge the rest of the formalities.


Prices are specified and communicated in the moment that the client fills up the offer’s form at www.tuateam.com/personal

All prices exclude VAT. The VAT that corresponds to the services of TUATEAM is of 21%. Clients with intra-registration of the European Union tax system, the price of services would be exempt of IVA.

Clients can consult the registration at the next link: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=es

We reserve the right to modify our prices on the strength of its terms. None of the changes are retroactive.

Payment regulation

The procedure will be done in two steps:

  1. First payment of 40%, in advance
  2. Last 60% payment once the specialist starts the service

The whole amount must be integrally paid. The payment will be effectuated via website gateway payment method or bank transfer.

If you register a credit card after the first payment, you accept that we charge the remaining 60% of the payment from your credit card once we finish the recruitment process.

Recruitment process

Once the Client publishes an offer and make the first payment (see clause above), the client will receive ONE Candidate that matches the internship offer.

We offer the possibility of having an online interview with the candidate where a technical test can be required.

Once all this possibilities have been completed, the client should decide:

  • (i) If the candidate fits to the position of the offer, and to accept it, if that case.
  • (ii) Contrariwise, objectively decline the candidate.

If (ii), the client can receive ONE more candidate and the procedure starts again.

Even though we provide a new candidate (only ONE) each time the client requests it (only five times previous to the finalization clause). NOTE: We do not offer the possibility of choosing between candidates and does not guarantee that the declined candidate would be available for the requested position.

Trainees conditions

We can cancel any internship if during the procedure of the recruiting process and/or after the trainee was accepted in the following situations:

  • 1) Trainee try to negotiate with the company any of the conditions in any moment of the process.
  • 2) Trainee delay the starting date of the internship.
  • 3) Trainee doesn’t answer our emails, phone calls or other methods (Skype, WhatsApp’s,…) for more than 5 working days.
  • 4) Trainee lies or hides information during any moment of the procedure.

In all this situation we will be not responsible for the expenses that the trainees were incurred. Moreover, we will be able to ask for compensation to the trainee for this cancellation.


The recruitment ending service shall be produced only when TUATEAM manages to accomplish all the necessary documents that the recruitment procedure requires; so, the client and the candidate can start their activity. Thus, finalization occurs only when there are true documents, acknowledged and signed by all stakeholders, which certify its validity.

The client can interfere in the process (basically, could end up an internship offer). Nevertheless, with the following consequences related to the recruitment service:

  1. On the one hand, if the client rejected all the candidates, since the offer from us, the 40% of the price (paid in advance) would be refunded.
  2. On the other hand, if the Client decides to end up an internship offer; but previously, accepted one or more candidates, wherewith, the finalization did not occur, TUATEAM, would not refund de 30% of the payment to its client, on the strength of the vacancy places occupied by the candidate. The 60% of the price will not be required.
  3. In case that, the client accepted one or more candidates and the recruitment finalization has occurred, we would not refund 40% reserved for the vacant places and in addition, the 60% left, would be requested.

If we declare our insolvency, it would stop offering its services and goes into liquidation.

The relation starts when the client has chosen one of the candidates from us and requires all the conditions imposed by the specific position. The confirmation will be sent by e-mail.

TUATEAM can end up the contract in the following cases:

1. If the Client NEGLECTS the Terms and Conditions of the platform and if the problem that occurred cannot be solved in an interval of 10 days from the notification, with a written document from us.

2. If the Client becomes insolvent, stops its commercial activity or goes into liquidation.

3. If the Client, breaks the relation with TUATEAM SERVICES, and directly contacts the Candidates or the Universities, without contacting us.

4. If the Client does not respond diligently to the petitions of TUATEAM, particularly:

  • When a candidate is selected by us and the client acknowledges the matching but does not give a feedback to the candidate within 8 days.
  • When the client does not signs and validates, within 5 days, the documents that were prepared by us.

5. In case that the client declines a number of candidates (5) without justification and for a prolonged period.


In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the society of information and electronic commerce, informs you that about our data: TUATEAM S.L. – CIF: B40604928 – Calle Anna,6 – Pta 35 – 46019 Valencia (Spain)

Contact us on the +34 625 02 77 42 or info@tuateam.com

All of the notifications and communication between users and us will be considered effective – for all purposes, when made through postal mail or any other methods detailed above.