AskCorp foundations

Creation and management of non-profit foundations in order to considerably improve social engagement of entities worldwide. Click to know more about it. Or, you can also download the pdf with all the information about AskCorps.


International Brand Development

With more than 15 nationalities in our headquarters, we’re able to speak in many different native languages raising high-levels of trust and confidence in the new international markets.


Offline/Online Marketing

Dealing with a budget of more than 500K€ in printed catalogs and more than 250K€ in Google Ads campaigns in different languages, we’re able to bring ideas to reality.


Communication Improvement & Automation

We have experience in managing internal communication within companies to make it more effective and profitable.


Business Management Consulting

Our counselors deal with an interesting client portfolio as business developers & managers of projects in different countries to access funding & other benefits.


Public Relations

We have developed networks in many big cities in Europe – such as Paris, Brussels, London, Berlin, Milan, Madrid,Barcelona, etc. – to let you directly connect with potential clients or partners.


Specific Problem Solving

In case of having a specific need, we look for the best professional and we’re able to give you a grace period to realize a first free study of the viability of a solution in any area.


Services for SME’s & Freelancers

A straight relationship with SME’s & freelancers as a services provider for specific solutions. A vast offer of possibilities due to our large experience on international projects.


Click the red button to download a pdf of our services dossier.

Partners and collaborators along Europe

Socios y colaboradores

Co-financed by

Recruitment of young people under 30 years of age in Youth Guarantee.

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Social work Fundación La Caixa and the European Social Fund (ESF) in employment program.

Servicios Creación y gestión

Digitize-CV Project of Innovation of digitization of SMEs.

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Program for the internationalization of companies through digital marketing strategies.

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Digital Xpande for the internationalization of the company.

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